Examining the Role of a Divorce Mediator in Long Island

Divorce Mediation in New York

A divorce is never a pleasant thing. Many times it can involve a certain amount of anger, betrayal, and resentment. How you get past an uncomfortable divorce situation and move on with your life depends on both parties, and when both parties can work together to mutually agree, life becomes much easier. Getting a fair, reasonable, and acceptable divorce settlement will allow you to put the past behind you and aggressively embrace your future.

If you're contemplating a divorce, you should consult an experienced Long Island divorce attorney. The legal team at the Law Offices of Paul A. Boronow, PC has represented clients for well over two decades. We've made it our mission to provide our clients with the best legal representation possible.

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What's the Difference Between Litigation and Mediation?

Litigation involves an adversarial approach to a legal disagreement. Litigation means filing in court to have a judge assigned and going to court to resolve the issues involved. Of course, the parties can settle the matter during the pendency of the litigation. But, if they do not, they will end up with a trial in the end, with the court making the decisions for the parties.

Mediation involves a cooperative approach to a legal disagreement. Mediation means the parties both list out their assets and debts, and their wish list regarding all other issues. They both sit with the mediator in an attempt to find mutual ground and, ultimately, resolution of the issues.

The mediator should be an experienced matrimonial attorney who can tell the parties the law and give the parties a real world estimation of what it will take to achieve their respective wish lists if the parties don't settle the matter. When the parties are successful in mediation, they end up having the mediator draft the necessary documents and submit them to the court for the divorce, with the parties never going to court.

Many parties will try a hybrid of the two methods. When the parties have already negotiated all of the terms of their divorce, one party will hire an attorney to draft the papers for an uncontested divorce, with both parties signing the documents, and the attorney submitting the papers to the court to get judgment of divorce; again, neither party has to go to court. In our experience, this is the most cost effective method for parties to resolve their legal issues, but it requires agreement on all issues.

Is a Mediator Always the Best Option in New York?

Not necessarily.

If a divorcing couple has deeply held resentments and disagreements over the division of assets or child custody, a mediator may not be the wisest choice. The obvious question presents in such a situation: Why go to the time and cost to mediate when one party has no interest in reaching common ground? In such a case, if you want the issues resolved, litigation becomes the only way to get it done. The fact that litigation commences, however, does not mean that the matter will not settle. Most cases do actually settle during litigation, with only a small percentage of cases going forward to a full trial. It is said that from a position of strength success comes easily: many times a strong approach with litigation brings both parties to the settlement table quickly, and the matter is resolved efficiently.

Long Island Divorce Mediators - Helping Making the Best Out of the Worst

Let's face it, no one gets married or enters into a committed relationship thinking that it will one day go sour. But, half of all marriages end in divorce. It doesn't hurt to be prepared. If you're contemplating a divorce, you need to consult a seasoned Nassau County divorce mediation attorney.

The experienced Long Island attorneys at the Law Offices of Paul A. Boronow, PC have represented clients for over 20 years. Divorce, and the division of your assets and debts, is a very serious matter; ensure that you have the right representation to achieve your goals.

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